Do you have a specific size, color, or subject in mind? As long as the subject is in my wheelhouse (beaches, boats, fish, nature, Florida, etc.), I’d love to work with you to make your dream a reality. Any commission that I take will also include a minted NFT of the original art and you own the rights and the NFT forever (or at least until you sell or transfer the NFT). You will also be involved in the process! I will send sketches, color palates, etc., and you can tell me to make adjustments until we get what you want.

Feel free to reach out if you have an idea for a piece that’s uniquely meaningful to you. I’m always available to respond to emails and can set up a time for us to chat. Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we will get in touch ASAP.

Here are some common Q’s and A’s regarding commissions:

Q: How long is the process?

A: I am usually able to complete a work in 2 weeks. However, this process is somewhat dependent on you. During the process, I will ask you for some reviews, suggested edits, etc. We will be in touch and if you respond quickly, it helps my schedule and allows me to deliver quickly. I can do rush orders but need to charge more for the overtime.

Q: What are the costs / what do I get?

A: This is very hard to estimate as I have had projects both big and small. I will be delivering a final project that includes the framed work (whatever frame you want) and the minted NFT. Prices are generally between $1,000 and $2,000. Rush orders are possible, but are slightly more expensive.

Q: What is a NFT? Can I hire you without the NFT delivery for a cheaper price?

A: Great question. Please read the NFT section on the ‘About’ page found here About. I do my best to explain NFT’s, their value, and their importance in the future. And no – I don’t do commissions without creating and giving the buyer the NFT.

Example commissions – Note that these were drafts as I don’t own the rights to the finished product and corresponding NFT.

Tell me what you have in mind!