Seaing Stars


This work brings together the beauty of the deep sea and the soothing colors of pastels. In the center stands a starfish, its arms gently curling to touch each other, against a backdrop of faded blues and greens.  The delicate shapes and soft hues create an almost dreamlike atmosphere, as though one is immersed in a distant underwater world.  This artwork has an air of serenity to it that would bring some peace to any home – creating a sense of tranquility and calm when gazed upon.


Limited edition of 100.  Hand-signed and numbered by the artist.  Printed on premium archival matte paper.  Available in 3 sizes with your choice of framing.  NFT not for sale at this time.

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16"X16", 24"X24", 32"X32"


Gold Rope Wood Frame, Modern Antiqued Silver Wood Frame, Silver American Flag Frame, Cherry with Gold Lip Frame, Brown Distressed Wood Frame, Antique Gold Frame, Antique Bronze Wood Frame


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