The Pelican Sound


This work captures the majestic profile of a pelican against a bright green background. The beak is hooked downwards, giving the impression that the bird is on the hunt for its next meal. It appears to be deep in thought, surveying its surroundings with an intense and thoughtful gaze. Its feathers create an interesting contrast against the vivid green backdrop. The painting evokes a sense of calm and peacefulness – no doubt a reflection of this calm and wise creature.

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Limited edition of 100.  Hand-signed and numbered by the artist.  Printed on premium archival matte paper.  Available in 3 sizes with your choice of framing.  NFT not for sale at this time.

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16"X16", 24"X24", 32"X32"


Gold Rope Wood Frame, Modern Antiqued Silver Wood Frame, Silver American Flag Frame, Cherry with Gold Lip Frame, Brown Distressed Wood Frame, Antique Gold Frame, Antique Bronze Wood Frame


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